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“Let’s think of something.”

I’m pregnant. The thought came out of nowhere, but Keisha was convinced it was more than intuition. She’d read online that lots of women said they knew the absolute moment they had conceived, and now Keisha was joining them. She was sure of it. She was pregnant. Watching from the bed as Jayson headed for… Continue reading “Let’s think of something.”

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“…so he’ll have to adjust.”

“Frank is so out of there, I think he’s barely even tolerating this farewell party,” Robyn said, lowering her voice and leaning in closer to Chris. Across the room, Scaife Enterprises’ longtime general counsel was being roasted by Jamal Turner to mark the occasion of his retirement. His face bore a strained smile as he listened and… Continue reading “…so he’ll have to adjust.”

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“He’s been very forthcoming with me.”

The sound of Cassidy’s excited screams greeted Riley when she opened the apartment door. At the end of the hallway, just inside the living room, she saw her daughter rolling around on the rug in a ball of curls and tulle and black patent-leather Mary Janes. And with her was someone else, a stranger. Putting… Continue reading “He’s been very forthcoming with me.”

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“Looks like you’re in trouble.”

“Damn, I miss this,” Shawn said taking a deep pull on the spliff. Brendan laughed and snatched it out of his hand. “Gimme that. Over there bogartin’.” “Remember when we used to get high before breakfast meetings? Six a.m. on the roof of the Crowne Plaza in Midtown, burnin’ one.” Shawn shook his head in… Continue reading “Looks like you’re in trouble.”

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Four by Nia Forrester

Four couples, four transitions, four seasons of marriage …   Grace Most couples wouldn’t have weathered one mistake of the kind Shawn made when he and Riley first got married, let alone emerge with a commitment that’s stronger, a beautiful family and a love that’s even deeper. Is there any way their relationship can survive mistake… Continue reading Four by Nia Forrester

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Review: The Collide Series by Millie Belizair

Category: Urban Romance - Continuing Series Series: When Worlds Collide (Book 1), When Hearts Collide (Book 2) and When Souls Collide (Book 3) Jewel: Goodness! This was a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a three part series; the first two books are told solely from the heroine and hero's POV, respectively, and… Continue reading Review: The Collide Series by Millie Belizair