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Review: Harlee and Kayo…by KC Mills

Full Title: Harlee and Kayo: The Street Legacy Continues (Books 1-3)

Category: Urban Romance – Continuing Series

Jewel: Harlee and Kayo, A Street Legacy Continues was a cute story. Kayo, a successful drug dealer meets Harlee, a very successful pop star and they IMMEDIATELY fell in love. While I get love at first sight, the author could have added more context to their relationship after that first “zing”. As a reader, I know they love each other but not really why? Although, I think the author could have spent more time expounding on their connection, I LOVED their interactions and the way he reminded her OFTEN that she belonged to him in a very sweet, yet authoritarian way.  I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics of their relationship and eagerly anticipated his dominating conversations with her.

Kayo and his cousin, DB (his father’s twin’s son), run the local drug game with iron fists, yet are not quite as cold-hearted as it may appear which is obvious due to their ADORABLE bond!  I love when men are confident enough to show love to other men without feeling emasculated.  Despite their close relationship they could not be more opposite in the way they manage their relationships. Kayo is faithful to his lady and DB does not have a faithful bone is his body (or so we thought). Their dialogue is hilarious!  I enjoyed both of their characters equally and felt their brotherhood brought a nice warmth to the book. They are both dominate, composed, alpha men and I enjoyed the way they controlled each scene no matter what other characters were present. When they love someone, they love hard, not just their women but all of the people they truly care about. I loved that!

While I did enjoy the character dynamics of the couples throughout the story, many key storylines were anti-climactic. Kayo’s eight year relationship abruptly ended right along with that storyline. There was no angst or pain which made that entire relationship storyline seem unnecessary other than to show that Kayo does not cheat when in relationships. The “street issues” were also a bit of a suspenseful letdown. Removing these storylines and condensing the story down to one or two books would have still made for a cute surface read and not the drawn out three books it actually was. That and several grammatical issues that an editor should have seen made the book less enjoyable. Although, I must say, the epilogue was very refreshing and provided closure on two sweet love stories.  (I love DB’s interaction with his niece, that was endearing!)  If you read the book with the understanding that it is a light read and not overly emotional, I think you will enjoy it. The main characters were fun and the sex scenes were hot.

Storyline: 5
Character Development: 7
Drama: 3
Writing Style: 6
Editing: 5


Danielle: This was a cute read. Harlee is a famous pop star, while Kayo is an infamous drug dealer. They initially encounter one another on what was the worst day of Harlee’s life, so it didn’t go so well, however, their second encounter was the beginning of a quick, hard fall for both of them. I really enjoyed their interactions with each other, but I especially loved Kayo’s protectiveness when it came to Harlee.

For me, there were too many storylines and points of view to stay focused on the story at hand. I felt like this could have been 2 great, full-length books with Harlee and Kayo as one and DB and Essence as the other, but together, there was just a lot going on. There were storylines that could have either been better developed to fit into the main storyline or just left out completely. I don’t mind different points of view if they contribute to the main storyline, however, that is not what happened here. We went from one character to the next, with their points of view having different storylines. For me, that takes away from the flow of the book and causes me to get frustrated!

Some of the characters were developed better than others, but overall, I feel like we only got a surface view of who they were. Admittedly, I’m a greedy reader! I want to know my characters, I want to feel what they feel, cry when they cry and get pissed off right along with them and that was missing here, for me. Even in what should have been emotional moments, I only felt like “awww, poor thing.” There were enough dramatic events that happened here, but again, no real depth to them and the resolutions were somewhat disappointing and kind of felt like “that’s it?” instead of “AWW, HELL NAW,” which is what I wanted by the time I’d gone through 2 and a half books to find out what happened!

All in all, it wasn’t a bad read. Knowing what I know now, I would have still read it with the expectation of it being “cute.” The editing was sorely lacking, which is also one of the most frustrating issues that I, personally, experience with reading. I liked the author’s voice and I know this is earlier work (2016), so I’m certain the more recent work is more polished, so I’m looking forward to checking some of it out in the future!

Storyline: 5
Character Development: 5
Drama: 4
Writing Style: 6
Editing: 5

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