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Review: The Collide Series by Millie Belizair

Category: Urban Romance – Continuing Series

Series: When Worlds Collide (Book 1), When Hearts Collide (Book 2) and When Souls Collide (Book 3)

Jewel: Goodness! This was a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a three part series; the first two books are told solely from the heroine and hero’s POV, respectively, and the third is told from their combined POV’s. This separation of POV’s gave so much perspective into the turmoil each character struggled thru. Throughout the book I was pleasantly surprised with the author’s fluidity in her writing. The characters had so much depth and the story not only flowed but was full of scene appropriate imageries that brought the story to life for me. The story is modern day Romeo and Juliet’ish; Lauren is the daughter of a state prosecutor and Kain is the son of the Kingpin her father is currently prosecuting. For obvious reasons, these two should not be together. However, neither knew of their family’s connection and they meet, Kain rescues Lauren from a potenitally detrimental situation. (The emotions from this scene were so well conveyed!) Under the circumstances of their meeting, their personal walls are down and they are able to see each other’s true self. The two form an instant connection during this meeting and loyalties are tested and feelings grow. Although true love is undeniable, their ability to enjoy said love is in question throughout the series. The well written suspense was so detailed that during several scenes I had to close the book similar to changing the channel during the scary part of a movie! I do not want to say much more, other than to say please give this book a try. This book was beautifully written and an unexpected find from a 22 year old author. WELL DONE!

Storyline: 8
Character Development: 9
Drama: 8
Writing Style: 9
Editing: 9


Danielle: I really enjoyed this series! Lauren is a, somewhat, sheltered “good girl” who has an identical twin with total opposite personalities and her twin takes full advantage of her naiveté. In doing so, Lauren finds herself fed-up with her sister’s selfishness and inadvertently meets Kain. Kain, Kain, Kain….Kain is something. He is handsome, humble and easy to love from the very beginning. He is the only son of a Miami Kingpin, who has the world at his fingertips, but does he WANT his father’s empire?

What I enjoyed about this well-written series is that we really get to know both characters in depth and while book 1 feels drawn out, it’s not in a frustrating way. It is giving depth to the characters and giving important insight to the supporting characters in the book. Of the series, book 1 was my favorite because I am a lover of character development and really love when I can feel with the characters, so Ms. Belizaire did an awesome job with that. I love that, while book 1 is told strictly from Lauren’s point of view, it didn’t keep us from getting to know Kain along the way. In book 2, when we get to know Kain, we really get a feel for the parts of him that Lauren couldn’t tell us about.

I did feel that books 2 and 3 probably could have been combined into one book. Book 3 seemed to drag on and on, seemingly for the sake of an additional book. Most of book 3 felt like a merry-go-round of Kain NOT telling Lauren what he needed to tell her, but all in all, the book was still good.

What I wish I’d gotten from it, however, based solely on Kain and Lauren, was a little more insight into their “after.” How did they cope with their separation? Why didn’t she move with him? Are there wedding bells and babies in their future? I told y’all, I’m a greedy reader, so I know I want a lot, however, even without it, this was an outstanding way for Ms. Belizaire to come out of the gates and I can’t wait for her future projects!

Storyline: 8
Character Development: 10
Drama: 7
Writing Style: 9
Editing: 9

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