About Us

We are both AVID readers and read a minimum of 5 books per week, most times more!

Jewel – Crazy, Sexy, Cool…this is me. I am mixed race, born in an extremely “challenging” environment. The familial life experiences combined with my community environment (being light-skinned with “good hair” in the Hood ain’t easy!) forced me to experience things that you only read in books. I have taken those experiences to help me evolve into the woman I am now. Married young, with three fabulous kids. I have an MBA and work full time within that field. When I am not entertaining my family’s madness, I am reading! I LOVE to read, ALWAYS have! Especially, hood drama/romance! My first “hood” read was by Donald Goines at 12 years old! Lord knows I had NO BIDNESS reading that but I have been hooked ever since. My favorite book is The Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Souljah. I have had periods in life where I have been addicted to almost every genre of books there is, however, I’m always drawn back to a good urban romance read. I LOVE BLACK LOVE! I’m excited to begin this blogging journey with you and look forward to your feedback and discussions.

Danielle – I am and always have been, just a lil bourgeois (bougie)…I like nice things and believe there is a time and place to behave certain ways. I am a Black woman, a wife and a mother. I am from a two-parent household and my parents have been married my entire life. Although I was born in a small country town and lived there until 3rd grade, I am also a military brat and have lived all over. I believe in God and do not compromise my character by stepping outside of who He placed me here to be. Whether in the club, at a concert or in the boardroom, I want to represent Black women at their best and I want other Black women to do the same. I am from humble beginnings and without formal education after graduating high school, but don’t read that as “unintelligent,” because I’m far from that! I have worked my way from a barely there annual income to nearly six figures (over a number of years, of course). I say all of that to say that I can relate to a lot of readers.

My reviews are my opinion and my opinion only. They do not come from a judgmental place, but from a place of love and a desire to see the best of us representing us!