How We Decided to Blog

Jewel Danielle is two people, Jewel and Danielle (clever, we know), who, through our mutual frustration on the overall quality of recent books by Black authors, selfishly decided to anonymously review the books we read in hopes of encouraging authors to provide a better product. We have found that many five star reviews are extremely generous. Whether reviewers are too loyal, too intimidated, or their review is their truth, we just don’t believe the reviews always represent the books accurately. We have also read several good books that have so much potential to be great. We want to see these books be great! There is absolutely nothing better than a great book.

We are Black women and we want to empower and edify other Black women. To us, that means being respectful, but honest and real. Nothing we write is intended to offend anyone, though we know good and well that it will, or to take away from anyone’s talent. We are NOT authors, we are not putting ourselves out there for the world to judge, so we get that, but as consumers, we want to be able to respectfully express our thoughts on the product we’re buying.

We are not Rhodes Scholars or journalistic geniuses, just two women with thoughts we want to share with like-minded individuals. We will always be open to discussion and dialog, as long as we all respect one another. Please don’t come for us!