How we rate…

Our reviews will be categorized by the following:

  • Adult Contemporary Romance  – Stand-Alone/Stand-Alone Series
  • Adult Contemporary Romance – Continuing Series*
  • Urban Romance – Stand-Alone/Stand-Alone Series
  • Urban Romance – Continuing Series*

*We will not review books from incomplete continuing series’

Our ratings will be based on the below listed categories. The definition of each category is what we each deem a “10” on a scale of 1 – 10.

*Ratings are specific to the assigned category and should only be compared to books in the same category.

1. Storyline – One main storyline, based on a specific set of main characters. Multiple points of view, when necessary, are not discouraged but not so many that a reader loses the main storyline. There must be a beginning, a middle and an end and the story should flow throughout the book.

2. Character Development – Great character development leaves a reader feeling like they KNOW the character when the story is over. The author has included enough of the character’s background to understand who s/he is as a person, without too much unnecessary information.

*Disclaimer: Jewel wants a detailed character description. She loves visuals, as long as they match the character’s description. She is frustrated by cover models that don’t match the character’s description. Danielle is a little more imaginative…she can imagine her own characters based on their personalities, however, IF an author provides a visual, it should match the character’s description in the book.

3. Drama – Essentially, the book should be compelling enough to give the reader a need to know “what happens next.” Bottom line…were we thoroughly entertained? (If I accidentally burnt dinner because I could NOT put the book down–guaranteed 10!!)

*Disclaimer: Jewel needs angst and lots of it! She wants to cry, laugh and get pissed off. She is not fond of a story that’s too “sweet/cute.” Danielle needs a good level of emotional depth, but she’s also good with a “sweet/cute” story.

4. Writing style – This category is the most fluid because every author has their own voice, however, the book has to be engaging. The writing style must flow seamlessly throughout the entire book.

5. Editing – Spelling, grammar, punctuation. While understanding the need to give space for regional dialect and such, the overall writing must include commas and periods where they belong. Words should be used correctly, common phrases should be written properly and a reader should not have to read a sentence two or three times to figure out what the author is TRYING to say.